Monday, March 31, 2014

Stripes and Bikes

Today sort of almost felt like it could maybe be spring sometime soon. There's a certain amount of slush that's making me optimistic. Much like everywhere else, we keep getting a healthy dumping of snow every other day that I'm just about done with. Today gave me hope though. I wore just a pair of tights and I didn't freeze, and I wore sun glasses. SUN GLASSES!  About friggin time.

It is still March though, so layers are a practical and logical thing to wear. I'm getting antsy though. I have so many dresses I really want to wear but they're all so springy I feel sort of out of place wearing them just yet.

I've worn most of these pieces before but never together. I felt like this would have been a pretty good Saint Patricks day outfit as well. Clearly others felt the same way, since I got this as a comment from a friend; "That's a lot of green and it's nice, but it's so 2 weeks ago." Well, you got me there.

I got another pair of wedges from Payless, this time for 10 bucks! Works for me, since they're super comfortable. Plus, grey pretty much works with everything. Too bad my tights are covered in fur, or pet glitter, from my beloved fur babies. I was already having a difficult time trying to get photos since the lighting was a bit off, but the two of them just weren't having it and kept getting antsy and in my shots, so I decided to take photos of them for a change.

You try saying no to these two. Tengen has since collapsed next to me while I write, while Waffles is still clawing at the window to get at the birds. It really is Spring.

Green bike print shirt: Gap
Black V neck sweater: Mexx
Green stripe skirt: Gap
Black tights: Target
Grey wedges: Payless


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