Saturday, February 15, 2014


I hope everyone had a nice Valentines day. My office has a social committee that organizes little get together the for holidays. This time around, they set up a candy bar and a chocolate fountain. I really appreciate all the effort that they put in to these events. It's a nice change of pace and really makes the difference when it comes to office moral.

I spent my evening in my pj's playing Bravely Default on the 3DS. If you love Final Fantasy as a series, then this game is a must have. It literally has all the elements of a FF title, from job classes to phoenix downs. I'm not sure why Square Enix didn't just make it a FF title, but either way, it's a great RPG so far, and I'm loving every minute of it.

So even though I didn't have any date plans on actual Valentines day, I still wanted to dress up a little bit for work. I bought this cardigan over the Christmas holidays, but was having a difficult time trying to pair it with stuff. It's a bit too big, but a smaller size wouldn't have fit since the front panels are sort of a silky fabric with no stretch.

I tried to use a belt to hide the fact that it was a little baggy, which I think worked out pretty well. This is the first time I wore this cardigan, so maybe once I wash it, it will shrink a little bit. As you can see it's covered with kisses which I thought was perfect for Valentines day. It was part of the L'Wren Scott collection that Banana Republic did a few months back. As usual, I refused to pay full price for this cardigan since it would have been around 100$. If you're willing to wait though, you can get things at a fraction of the price, since Banana republic lets you stack coupon codes.

I paired the cardigan with a red dress I got back at Christmas and some black and white shoes I have owned for years but never really wore. I have a ton of shoes but very few of them are heels. These ones aren't super high and are practical, so I never got rid of them. Maybe I will start to wear them a bit more often now that I dug them from out the closet.

Kisses cardigan: Banana Republic
Red dress: Jacob
Black bow belt: Talbots
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Black and white shoes: Le Chateau


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