Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It's been an odd week or so. So last week my wrist felt like it was on fire because I turned a knob funny. By the time the weekend came, I could barely use it. This really sucked because I went bridesmaid dress shopping on the Saturday and made it unnecessarily uncomfortable to try on clothes. However, no stupid swollen wrist will ever stop me from clothes shopping pfffft. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) 5 girls were limited to one changing room so I had help with zippers. David's Bridal is a freaking mad house, let me tell you. I never though it would be as crowded as that, so it was quite overwhelming. I'm guessing that's what most weekends are like though, so I do not envy the people who work there. I got a dress though, that remained within the budget I set for myself, with straps and that would require little to no alterations. It was snug in the boob area but not the point where I couldn't breath, and this is a thing I have learned to accept with dresses. I least they aren't going to be moving and there is no chance of them popping out.

Anyways, the point being, that by the time I got home, my wrist was so bad I had to ice it and drug up to be able to make it through the night. What's worse was that it was preventing me from playing video games (Bravely Default anyone?), which is my nightmare. I went to the doctors just to make sure it wasn't anything more serious than a sprain or pulled muscle, which it wasn't. The x-ray technician asked if I had fallen or something, so she laughed when I said I lost a battle with a knob at work but if anyone asked, I got into a bare knuckle boxing match.

So because of my crappy wrist incident, I didn't get to post on Friday, although I did add a photo to the style gallery over at Mod Cloth. If anyone is super interested as to where I got the articles of clothing from, it was pretty much all Anthropologie. For this outfit, I was aiming for comfort, and warmth since it was -20c this morning. I have a bunch of button downs and a bunch of cardigans that don't get much action in the winter months since I usually just wear regular sweaters.

I like this cardigan a lot but the buttons are pretty flimsy so I try not to button it up very much. I always like things with bows on them, so once this went on sale last summer I grabbed it up as quickly as I could.

Since I'm always, as my friends say, matchy-matchy, I decided to wear my grey Toms. You can't tell from the photo, but they have a shiny rainbow thread running through there was well, which picks up the green from the gingham shirt.

Grey bow cardigan: Jacob
Green gingham shirt: Banana Republic
Belt: I stole it from Dave
Black jeans: Old Navy
Grey shoes: Toms


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