Monday, February 3, 2014


Today's post will be relatively short since my wrist is sort of acting up. I was fiddling around with my arm rest on my chair at work and in doing so, my wrist cracked really loudly. It's been sore since, so I'm going to ease up on the typing. A friend laughed at me for messing up my wrist by turning a knob. It's not the worst thing to have happened though. I once threw out my back washing my hands. It only takes one stupid movement to cause a serious amount of pain.

I realized that a good chunk of the time, my photos don't pick up all the details of my outfits. This is mostly because it takes me forever to get one decent picture to begin with. I'll say it again, I am not a photographer. This time around, I tried to get a few more shots though, to show some of the details.

So as you can see, the shirt has tiny bicycles on it. I have no idea why bike prints appeal to me so much, considering I am piss poor at cycling. It's really sad. I'm super paranoid about getting hit by a car. I have a hard time heading to the grocery store on my bike, let alone work. Trying to bike in a city is like a nightmare to me. It sucks because I really like my bike. I'm hoping this summer, I will use it more and maybe branch out so that I'm more comfortable being mobile around cars and other bikes.

The shirt is super comfortable and a rare occasion where a button down actually fits me properly. The necklace was a purchase I made last summer. I think this might be the first time I've actually worn it though. I never knew what to pair it with, especially since I don't own much pink (which is changing). The dress was something I had been eyeing for awhile now, but was quite expensive originally. Banana Republic was having a sale online and they also sent me a coupon code for my birthday, so combined I paid maybe 35$ for it. I got the shirt in the same order and had no intention of pairing them together until it arrived in the mail.

Black dress: Banana Republic (Buy it here)
Pink bike shirt: Old Navy (Buy it here) 
Rose necklace: Old-can't remember where I bought it from
Cat shoes: Call It Spring


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