Friday, February 28, 2014

Balloons 2.0

It was particularly cold again today, so I decided to wear pants. I can't stress enough how done I am with winter. I've often contemplated where I could move too so I wouldn't have to deal with such blistering cold anymore. However, I'm really bad in extreme heat too, and I'd rather dress in layers to stay warm than try to stay cool in humidity. Come summer time, I'll probably complain about the heat as well, so there's just no winning.

I had a meeting again today, so that meant a little more effort in my appearance. I got this blouse a few months back on sale and I'll be honest, this is the only cardigan I have managed to get it to work with. I don't know if its the neck ruffle or something but I'm having a difficult time  integrating it in to my wardrobe. I like it and think it's super cute, but I'm not sure how practical it is. It's sleeveless so maybe once the warmer weather rolls by, I can get some more outfit ideas. Suggestions are welcome.

The blouse is covered in black balloons which I thought was awesome. Someone at work told me it looked like dripping ink,but I though the balloons were pretty obvious. The cardigan was a steal at Target. It's got little black pompoms all over the front, which I just love. Like my other pompom sweater, I have to be careful washing it as to have them not fall off. One came a bit loose but even with my minimal sewing skills, I was able to fix it no problem. Something to take into consideration if you plan on purchasing it and it's currently on sale.

The pants are another pair of the mid rise Rock Star jeans from Old Navy I mentioned before. As always, they are super comfortable and it keeps my belly in check. They aren't always in stock online in my size, but every once and awhile they pop up on sale, so I decided to buy another pair, this time in a dark wash rather than black.

This past week has been exhausting, so I am really excited about just relaxing this weekend. I've been trying to play some more Bravely Default. If you're playing it, then I'm sure you can agree that rebuilding Norende and getting townsfolk via street pass is addictive. If that was all nonsense to you, I say play the game because it is awesome!

Balloon blouse: Anthropologie
Blue pompom cardigan: Target (Buy it here)
Blue jeans: Old Navy (Buy it here)
Blue wedges: Payless (Buy it here)


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