Friday, February 28, 2014

Balloons 2.0

It was particularly cold again today, so I decided to wear pants. I can't stress enough how done I am with winter. I've often contemplated where I could move too so I wouldn't have to deal with such blistering cold anymore. However, I'm really bad in extreme heat too, and I'd rather dress in layers to stay warm than try to stay cool in humidity. Come summer time, I'll probably complain about the heat as well, so there's just no winning.

I had a meeting again today, so that meant a little more effort in my appearance. I got this blouse a few months back on sale and I'll be honest, this is the only cardigan I have managed to get it to work with. I don't know if its the neck ruffle or something but I'm having a difficult time  integrating it in to my wardrobe. I like it and think it's super cute, but I'm not sure how practical it is. It's sleeveless so maybe once the warmer weather rolls by, I can get some more outfit ideas. Suggestions are welcome.

The blouse is covered in black balloons which I thought was awesome. Someone at work told me it looked like dripping ink,but I though the balloons were pretty obvious. The cardigan was a steal at Target. It's got little black pompoms all over the front, which I just love. Like my other pompom sweater, I have to be careful washing it as to have them not fall off. One came a bit loose but even with my minimal sewing skills, I was able to fix it no problem. Something to take into consideration if you plan on purchasing it and it's currently on sale.

The pants are another pair of the mid rise Rock Star jeans from Old Navy I mentioned before. As always, they are super comfortable and it keeps my belly in check. They aren't always in stock online in my size, but every once and awhile they pop up on sale, so I decided to buy another pair, this time in a dark wash rather than black.

This past week has been exhausting, so I am really excited about just relaxing this weekend. I've been trying to play some more Bravely Default. If you're playing it, then I'm sure you can agree that rebuilding Norende and getting townsfolk via street pass is addictive. If that was all nonsense to you, I say play the game because it is awesome!

Balloon blouse: Anthropologie
Blue pompom cardigan: Target (Buy it here)
Blue jeans: Old Navy (Buy it here)
Blue wedges: Payless (Buy it here)


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Another day, another outfit. I've been feeling pretty run down over the past few days and think I might be coming down with something. Hopefully I can fight it off before it turns into a real cold. I started doing some over time at work as well and now would be a crappy time to get sick. Ah well, you do what you can.

So I was going for comfort today and this cardigan does the trick. It's got sparkly elbow patches, which I tried to take a photo of but they kept coming out super blurry. You'll just have to take my word for it. You know when you like something a lot, and then someone makes a random comment about it and then you can't un-see it? This cardigan is a prime example of that. I was super excited when I wore it the first time, since I was on an elbow patch kick. The patches on this sweater are made of sequins and are sort of dusty rose color and I thought it was really pretty. Dave being Dave though, said it looked like I had two giant scabs on my elbows. Now I can't stop seeing scabs every time I wear this cardigan. He didn't totally ruin it for me though since I clearly still wear it, and it's really comfy and stretchy.

The dress was purchased last spring and I've gotten a lot of use out of it, I just never bothered to photograph it until now. As you can see it's got keys all over it.

The issue I've come to realize is that almost all of my clothing has prints on it. Every once in awhile I try to mix them up a bit. Sometimes subtly like today with the plaid scarf, or like the stripes and polka dot post I made recently. Usually I try to stick to the same color pallets if I'm going to mix and match. I'm a little bit hesitant to go over the top and bold though, and I'm always envious of those who manage to pull it off so successfully.

I can also safely say that I think I might be done with winter this year. I really can't wait for it get warmer again.  I'm sick of walking around in my giant winter boots and having to pile on the layers to keep warm outside, only to start sweating profusely once indoors. Plus, you know, I bought a bunch of dresses I'm looking forward to wearing. Woo!

Plaid scarf: H&M
Pink cardigan: Old Navy
Blue key print dress: Old Navy
Blue tights: old, can't remember
Blue sparkle shoes: Toms


Saturday, February 15, 2014


I hope everyone had a nice Valentines day. My office has a social committee that organizes little get together the for holidays. This time around, they set up a candy bar and a chocolate fountain. I really appreciate all the effort that they put in to these events. It's a nice change of pace and really makes the difference when it comes to office moral.

I spent my evening in my pj's playing Bravely Default on the 3DS. If you love Final Fantasy as a series, then this game is a must have. It literally has all the elements of a FF title, from job classes to phoenix downs. I'm not sure why Square Enix didn't just make it a FF title, but either way, it's a great RPG so far, and I'm loving every minute of it.

So even though I didn't have any date plans on actual Valentines day, I still wanted to dress up a little bit for work. I bought this cardigan over the Christmas holidays, but was having a difficult time trying to pair it with stuff. It's a bit too big, but a smaller size wouldn't have fit since the front panels are sort of a silky fabric with no stretch.

I tried to use a belt to hide the fact that it was a little baggy, which I think worked out pretty well. This is the first time I wore this cardigan, so maybe once I wash it, it will shrink a little bit. As you can see it's covered with kisses which I thought was perfect for Valentines day. It was part of the L'Wren Scott collection that Banana Republic did a few months back. As usual, I refused to pay full price for this cardigan since it would have been around 100$. If you're willing to wait though, you can get things at a fraction of the price, since Banana republic lets you stack coupon codes.

I paired the cardigan with a red dress I got back at Christmas and some black and white shoes I have owned for years but never really wore. I have a ton of shoes but very few of them are heels. These ones aren't super high and are practical, so I never got rid of them. Maybe I will start to wear them a bit more often now that I dug them from out the closet.

Kisses cardigan: Banana Republic
Red dress: Jacob
Black bow belt: Talbots
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Black and white shoes: Le Chateau


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stripes and Dots

Two posts in the same week? Whaaaaaaat?  With Valentines day tomorrow, I've been wracking my brain over what to wear to work just because I have now become one of those people who dresses up for holidays. I never in a million years thought that I would be that kind of person. I've got ideas but I'm not sure how it'll turn out. If successful, then expect another post. I don't have any actual Valentines day plans since Dave works, but because I've been feeling very anxious over this past week (like panic attack levels) I decided a nice night in would be perfect. Season 5 of Supernatural isn't going to watch itself after all. We're going to go out on the Saturday to see the Lego Movie and have sushi, so I'm excited for the weekend.

This dress is from Mod Cloth and I got when they were having their super sale. I was hesitant to buy it at first since the reviews indicated it was quite short. I decided to take a chance with it anyways. I do find it on the short side for sure, but with tights, this isn't a problem. I'm a bit under 5'7, so not ridiculously tall or anything, but the length combined with the weight of the fabric would make it terrible on a windy day, so I don't think I would wear this without tights. It is obviously a summer dress based on the fabric, which is a very light and unlined but I think it's totally wearable on a milder fall/winter day as well. As you can see blow, it wrinkles quite a bit too, but it's not the end of the world. A friend has already called dibs on this dress, so I guess I have to make sure I don't damage or shrink it since she's already made her claim on it.

But the bonus part of this dress? POCKETS! I still don't know why this isn't standard in dresses.

It was a friends birthday today, so a bunch of us decided to take him out to lunch.  During the meal, it was pointed out that I wear a lot of polka dots and that a friend of mine thought of me and how proud I would be of her, when purchasing  her first polka dot cardigan. *single tear* I'm so proud! I think it's just a cute and easy pattern to work with, quite frankly. It seems works with stripes, which I have a lot of, so it's got that going for it.

I realize that this outfit is all blue, but I think the white and different patterns makes it interesting. I feel if I'm going to have a monochromatic outfit, I need to mix it up a bit.

Blue stripe dress: Mod Cloth
Blue polka dot cardigan: Forever 21
Blue tights: Old
Blue wedges: Payless


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It's been an odd week or so. So last week my wrist felt like it was on fire because I turned a knob funny. By the time the weekend came, I could barely use it. This really sucked because I went bridesmaid dress shopping on the Saturday and made it unnecessarily uncomfortable to try on clothes. However, no stupid swollen wrist will ever stop me from clothes shopping pfffft. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) 5 girls were limited to one changing room so I had help with zippers. David's Bridal is a freaking mad house, let me tell you. I never though it would be as crowded as that, so it was quite overwhelming. I'm guessing that's what most weekends are like though, so I do not envy the people who work there. I got a dress though, that remained within the budget I set for myself, with straps and that would require little to no alterations. It was snug in the boob area but not the point where I couldn't breath, and this is a thing I have learned to accept with dresses. I least they aren't going to be moving and there is no chance of them popping out.

Anyways, the point being, that by the time I got home, my wrist was so bad I had to ice it and drug up to be able to make it through the night. What's worse was that it was preventing me from playing video games (Bravely Default anyone?), which is my nightmare. I went to the doctors just to make sure it wasn't anything more serious than a sprain or pulled muscle, which it wasn't. The x-ray technician asked if I had fallen or something, so she laughed when I said I lost a battle with a knob at work but if anyone asked, I got into a bare knuckle boxing match.

So because of my crappy wrist incident, I didn't get to post on Friday, although I did add a photo to the style gallery over at Mod Cloth. If anyone is super interested as to where I got the articles of clothing from, it was pretty much all Anthropologie. For this outfit, I was aiming for comfort, and warmth since it was -20c this morning. I have a bunch of button downs and a bunch of cardigans that don't get much action in the winter months since I usually just wear regular sweaters.

I like this cardigan a lot but the buttons are pretty flimsy so I try not to button it up very much. I always like things with bows on them, so once this went on sale last summer I grabbed it up as quickly as I could.

Since I'm always, as my friends say, matchy-matchy, I decided to wear my grey Toms. You can't tell from the photo, but they have a shiny rainbow thread running through there was well, which picks up the green from the gingham shirt.

Grey bow cardigan: Jacob
Green gingham shirt: Banana Republic
Belt: I stole it from Dave
Black jeans: Old Navy
Grey shoes: Toms


Monday, February 3, 2014


Today's post will be relatively short since my wrist is sort of acting up. I was fiddling around with my arm rest on my chair at work and in doing so, my wrist cracked really loudly. It's been sore since, so I'm going to ease up on the typing. A friend laughed at me for messing up my wrist by turning a knob. It's not the worst thing to have happened though. I once threw out my back washing my hands. It only takes one stupid movement to cause a serious amount of pain.

I realized that a good chunk of the time, my photos don't pick up all the details of my outfits. This is mostly because it takes me forever to get one decent picture to begin with. I'll say it again, I am not a photographer. This time around, I tried to get a few more shots though, to show some of the details.

So as you can see, the shirt has tiny bicycles on it. I have no idea why bike prints appeal to me so much, considering I am piss poor at cycling. It's really sad. I'm super paranoid about getting hit by a car. I have a hard time heading to the grocery store on my bike, let alone work. Trying to bike in a city is like a nightmare to me. It sucks because I really like my bike. I'm hoping this summer, I will use it more and maybe branch out so that I'm more comfortable being mobile around cars and other bikes.

The shirt is super comfortable and a rare occasion where a button down actually fits me properly. The necklace was a purchase I made last summer. I think this might be the first time I've actually worn it though. I never knew what to pair it with, especially since I don't own much pink (which is changing). The dress was something I had been eyeing for awhile now, but was quite expensive originally. Banana Republic was having a sale online and they also sent me a coupon code for my birthday, so combined I paid maybe 35$ for it. I got the shirt in the same order and had no intention of pairing them together until it arrived in the mail.

Black dress: Banana Republic (Buy it here)
Pink bike shirt: Old Navy (Buy it here) 
Rose necklace: Old-can't remember where I bought it from
Cat shoes: Call It Spring