Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So the weather has been so unpleasant lately, that I've been more concerned with keeping warm than with style. I recently bought some industrial Sorel boots since my current pair are on their last leg. This is seriously a pain in the butt since they didn't even last a whole winter. They didn't do much to keep my feet warm either, which is really surprising since you always hear such great things about the brand. The new ones I got were men's boots (which were cheaper than the women's version for some reason) from Marks Work Warehouse, that I'm pretty sure are used for arctic expeditions or something. They're good down to -73c so if these babies don't keep my feet warm, I don't know what will. I've always had terrible circulation so once it gets to about 0c outside, it starts to be a problem. They're huge and I'm getting a really good leg workout from them. I'm going dog sledding with Dave (his Christmas gift) in February so I needed something that would allow me to be outside for a few hours. I don't want to spend the entire outing complaining because I can't feel my feet, especially considering this is a gift and it's supposed to be fun. Now that I have my giant boots, I should be good to go.

Today is also my 31st birthday, so I wanted to put some effort in my appearance. I had a nice lunch with friends and Dave is in the process of doing the dishes so he can make me pizza from scratch; he makes a great deep dish. I got some pretty sweet gifts too, including a sonic screwdriver (iee!) a massage, and a digital meat thermometer. I have to admit that so far, my 30's are starting off pretty good. My early 20's were a very difficult period for me and I'm glad that it's in the past. I expect some bumps in my 30's too, but I will be better equipped to deal with them. I fully admit to having mixed feelings about getting older. I'm starting to find way more gray hairs than I did before but it helps that I  don't feel any older than I did say 5 years ago.

So for the clothes, all of this outfit was on sale, so bonus points for that. I find that the shirt is a bit big but if I had gone smaller, it probably would have been too small. The shoes are from Payless and are AWESOME. They are a basic round toe wedge but it's not crazy high or anything, so I can walk without feeling clumsy. They are also really cushy inside and are one of the most comfortable shoe I've owned, right out of the box. The colors are pretty basic (they have red ones too but online only) so they're practical, and because it's Payless, they were really inexpensive.

Red and blue stripe shirt: J.Crew Factory
Blue and black stripe skirt: Gap
Black tights: Target
Blue wedges: Payless


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