Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hello all. Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. I had a lot of stuff happen in a very short amount of time and became a tad overwhelmed to say the least.

First off, I got gastroenteritis which incapacitated me all of last week. I used to catch it all the time back in the day to the point where I was almost used to it. This time though hit me like a ton of bricks. I lost almost 7 pounds in a week because of it, which is a little worrisome. Not because I'm under weight or anything obviously, but simply because being sick like that can be brutal on your system, and I have never lost that much from being sick before. I know it's temporary though, thanks to the holidays :) I was also quite scatter brained with my  take home exam. I had misread the drop off time as between 11 am and 12am ie: midnight, so when I arrived at 3pm I couldn't understand why the office wasn't open. Turns out it was a drop off time between 11am and noon. I shoved my paper under the door, freaked out a bit, cried like a baby because it was an obviously stupid oversight on my part, and then e-mailed my professor. He was quite understanding, but I had prepared myself to potentially get a D- in this course because I can't read a sheet of paper properly. This combined with some personal family drama and a sick dog made for a long couple of weeks. The worst of it should be over though now, onward and upwards right?

Come Thursday evening, I will be off from work for 2 weeks which is awesome. After these past 2 weeks I really need a break. I'm hoping for nothing but relaxing and gaming for those days. Dave was sweet enough to give me my  Christmas gift early which was a WiiU Legend of Zelda bundle. I played Wind Waker back on Game Cube but it is still an awesome game and I love playing it again. I think he won Christmas this year, not that I'm complaining.

I've posted this pom pom sweater before but I decided I would post this outfit, because 1, it's been awhile and 2, I consider this sweater to be quite practical even if it's covered in pompoms. I'm really hoping to have some more outfit posts in the next couple of weeks. I was too sick to go to one of my office parties and was bummed out, since I had ordered a dress for it.

I also figured the straight hair was a nice change of pace. My hair might not be thick but it is curly so it can still be pretty hard to style sometimes. Providing the weather is not a complete write off, I will take the time to flat iron it so it's all silky smooth. I also do it to see how long my hair is getting since sometimes you really can't tell with curls.

Grey pompom sweater: J.Crew Factory
White button down and black jeggings: Old Navy
Cat loafers: Call it Spring


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