Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have happy and safe holiday season.

It's been a long day, as I spent a good chunk of it preparing supper for this evening. Dave made all the meaty stuff ; ham and turkey, and I made all the other parts. The only thing I have ever really been confident in is my stuffing. Everything else is just winging it. To be fair though, my stuffing has bacon in it, so it has to be good. Bacon fixes everything.

It's been a pretty good couple of days, Tengen test results and x-rays went well and shes doing fine. She had gotten quite sick last week and what with her being 10 and also having cancer, it can cause quite the scare. She's doing fine though now and is still the best dog ever. I also got my grade back from my class. As you might recall from my last post I was on the verge of bombing a class because I misread  the drop off time for my exam. Well my professor was super nice and decided to grade it anyways, switching my grade from a potential D- to a B.

I'm keeping it short this post since it's Christmas, but this was the dress I bought for a holiday party I was too sick to go to. I figured now is the perfect time to get some use out of it.

Green dress: Mod Cloth
Red cardigan: Joe Fresh
White belt: Old Navy
Black tights: Target
Green flats: Wal-Mart


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