Friday, November 15, 2013


I have been in the market for a red dress for awhile now. As it comes closer to Christmas time, the search became a bit more thorough. This dress was on my want list for awhile. It's a fairly basic skater dress but it's really well made and quite comfortable. Again, the pockets are a huge bonus. The back is low enough for my tattoos to be visible as well. Generally they stay covered up, particularly for work, but every once in awhile I like having them visible.They are definitely a conversation starter. I have a cactaur from the Final Fantasy series on one shoulder blade and the triforce from The Legend of Zelda on the other. At one point a couple stopped me at a Tim Hortons to ask me about them. It doesn't happen very often but I enjoy it when it does  since I end up having gaming conversations with complete strangers. Back to clothes; so this dress was originally going for 150$ which is really out of my price range. However, good things come those who wait and it eventually went on sale. I figured it would be a really practical dress and I would get a lot of use out of it.

The shoes have cats on them, which I actually did myself. I really wanted some cat shoes, but wasn't willing to spend the money for them. I just ended up buying a cheap pair of black flats from Payless and used a white paint pen to draw the cat faces on them. I wouldn't wear them out in the rain or anything but they get the job done. It's a great alternative, and only took like an hour or so  to do(I take a really long time when I draw.)

I'm super looking forward to a nice weekend of relaxing and dare I say, homework. I have an assignment that consists in part, of an art piece. I decided to do a drawing based on the Legend of Zelda. I think I'm looking forward to the new game for 3DS which probably sparked this interest artistically. I used to draw all the time when I was younger, however after my mother passed away the desire to draw just sort of disappeared. It was a gradual thing really. She used to be very supportive of my need to draw and study art, but after she was gone I felt as if perhaps I had made a mistake with my choice, and decided to not pursue it anymore. I haven't drawn seriously in well over 6 or 7 years. With this assignment we are meant to explain part of the process of creating the piece. For me, it's meant to combine my love of the game and the grandness of it as a series, as well as the feelings and memories that I had while playing them, which included my mom back seat gaming. Anyways, I hope to have an image of it once it's done and it's nice to be able to really sit down and draw again.

Red dress-Jacob
Black bow belt- Talbots
Black tights-Urban Outfitters
Black flats-Payless



  1. What did your boyfriend say? You should talk about him more.

  2. Love this red dress! You look great.