Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This is one of my favorite sweaters. It's warm, it's not itchy, it's got pompoms on it and I got it on sale. I had seen this sweater originally on Zooey Deschanel on an episode of New Girl in black and white. I was bummed when it turned out to be J. Crew since their clothing, while nice, is not very affordable. I would check eBay on occasion to see if it popped up, which it did. The problem was that it was still really expensive. I had given up on finding it cheap, when it showed up on the J.Crew Factory website. I was out of luck yet again ,when it was completely sold out. Realizing this though, I checked eBay again and managed to finally get the sweater for a price I thought was acceptable. Of course the black and white one was still more expensive, but I enjoy this grey and bluish/green combo just as much. I find that when stores have sales online and everything is sold out, eBay is the next best thing. I'm pretty sure the original version had pompoms all the way around, where as this one has just on the front and all over the sleeves. My only issue is that when you wash it, the pompoms get all flat and wonky. I used tweezers to try and fluff them up again, but I'm not going to be doing that every time I wash it.

The skirt was purchased from Gap. I had bought it online and really liked it, however I was having a hard time finding something to go with it. I decided that I would return it, since I had still paid 45$ for it. I can't justify spending that much money on something that would not be very practical, no matter how much I liked it. Unless it went on sale even more (I had used a 30% off code for it) I figured this would be a pass. When I went to go pick up my copy of Pokemon Y, the line up was huge, so I decided to kill time in the mall to wait for the line to thin out (it didn't). I hit up the Gap and sure enough, the skirt was now 40% off. I also happened to have a gift card on me so after all that, I got this skirt for 16 bucks! I also managed to pair it with a few other sweaters in my wardrobe, so I guess I just chose wrong the first few times I tried to make it work.

I saw Enders Game over the weekend. I thought it was pretty good. It definitely looks good visually. If you have a chance, check it out. I didn't read the book, but Dave had and he enjoyed it as well.

 Sorry for the short post, but that's all for now since it's a school Tuesday.

Grey pompom sweater: J.Crew Factory (Via eBay)
Green stripe skirt: Gap
Blue tights: Simons
Green flats: Walmart


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