Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Polka dots 2.0

This dress was purchased to wear to a friends surprise birthday party. It's not that I needed a new dress, but any excuse to get one works for me. She just happened to get engaged at that birthday party, which means I have another excuse to eventually buy another dress bwhahaha! This dress, much like the one from the Halloween post, has sleeves that are too big since I needed to size up for the bust. Again, not a big deal at this time of year since I almost always have a sweater or cardigan on. It also came with a belt which I always enjoy. Can't have too many belts.

We had the first snowfall today, although none of it stayed on the ground. This cold enough to snow weather was the perfect opportunity to try out my new tights. So here's the deal; tights don't do much for warmth during the colder months. I wanted to find a really thick pair that would keep my legs warm but also be actual tights. I'm very picky and I will avoid the legging/sock combo if I can. That weird line it creates when the two meet is a pet peeve of mine. That isn't to say I don't do it, but I am constantly fussing with it trying to get it to look as smooth as possible. Anyways, I may have found the solution to my problem. I found tights that are fleeced lined.  You have no idea how important this is to me. So I wore them out first thing this morning, kept them on all day and walked back home at night in them. They kept my legs nice and warm and managed to cut the wind quite a bit, but I didn't over heat inside at all. They aren't super expensive, although I don't think I have ever paid  more than a couple of bucks for tights. You can find them at Urban Outfitters for around 18$. Would I wear these outside in -30C weather? Probably not, but for this kind of in between weather, they do the job just fine. I'm hoping that this will allow me to wear the skirts and dresses I do own for a bit longer before I have to wear thermals under my pants again.

Blue and yellow polka-dot dress: Yumi (buy it here or here)
Yellow cardigan: Joe Fresh (buy it here)
Tights: Urban Outfitters (buy it here)
Res shoes: Toms


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