Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wing tips

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving/Columbus day. Nothing like a 4 day work week. This is going to be a short post though since I got home a bit later than usual and I am pretty tired.

 So this is another work to school outfit. I haven't been feeling well over the past few days, and I know when I'm feeling pretty crappy, I think I look crappy too. This usually ends up in me putting in a bit of extra effort in my appearance, if only a little. At least it seems that way. All this really means is that I wore a slight heel today instead of flats. I've never been big into heels for many reasons. I mean the obvious is that they are hard to walk in. This can be fixed with a bit of practice. The other is after wearing them for awhile, the backs of my legs start to hurt. I'm sure if I'd  wear them more often, this wouldn't be a problem anymore.  I got these suckers as an anniversary gift earlier this year. I bought Dave War Hammer stuff, and he bought me shoes. This is why we're together :)These particular shoes are only a kitten heel so I feel like I'm wearing grown up shoes but without the risk of falling flat on my face.  You know that  clickity clack you hear when walking around in heels? There is something oddly satisfying about it. Like you have to get somewhere super important, or with more purpose than usual. Maybe it's just me. Wedges are the only other time I can wear a high heel since they're pretty solid, like walking on a big ol' rubber block.

The dress was an Old Navy purchase made at the end of last summer. I find orange a tough color to work with in regards to clothing. I've only worn this dress a handful of times because of it. I almost always pair it with navy blue so if anyone has some suggestions on what else I can pair it with, please let me know.

Orange dress: Old Navy
Blue polka dot cardigan: Forever 21
Blue bow belt: Anthropologie
Orange shoes: B.A.I.T Footwear


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  1. The combination of navy blue and orange looks wonderful!