Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I'm not sure who came up with the no white after Labor Day thing, but nuts to that.

So since it's Tuesday, it means I had class until 8pm. It makes for a long day, so Tuesday posts usually end up being a bit more casual than some of my other outfits. I do still try to look work appropriate though, since you never know who might show up unannounced. That being said, as soon as I get back home I take a photo or 2 and then hop into my pjs and watch something on Netflix. I just finished Happy Endings so now I need something new to watch.

So I do the sweater/button down combo fairly often this time of year, so looks similar to this will probably be a bit more frequent. Not too much though, since part of the reason I blog in the first place is to make sure I keep my clothing interesting and varied.

So this sweater was purchased as a sort of compromise. On one of my many shopping trips, I saw this sweater and instantly loved it. However, even it's sale price was way too expensive for me. I was determined to find a cheaper alternative.This sweater was the end result. They had it in blue as well, but it was sold out in my size so I went with white. It's very comfortable and is great for layering since it's not super thick. I am happy with it, and I'm even happier with the price, since I got it for about 40$. It should still be available online. I decided to pair it with a cat print button down shirt I got from Gap awhile back. I thought it would be cute to wear a cat shirt with a sweater that had, what could be interpreted as, a piece of yarn on it. Also, it happens to be National Cat Day which I had no idea existed until I was at work.  I was telling my friends that my cat, Waffles, had stolen my breakfast this morning. I was told that because it was National Cat Day, she pretty much had the right to steal it. You win this time Waffles. Anyways, Gap has a lot of cute printed button downs and if you're willing to wait a bit most of them will go on sale fairly quickly. Or at least provide you with a coupon code.

Rope sweater: Banana Republic
Cat print button down: Gap
Jeans: Forever 21
Blue suede shoes: Dolce Vita


  1. National Cat Day?!?! This is news to me! It makes sense since it's so close to Halloween, haha!

    1. You know, I didn't even think of that!