Wednesday, October 23, 2013


As much as I enjoyed this outfit, I did not think ahead about wearing nylons around this time of year. It's not particularly cold or anything, but just cold enough that your legs start to freeze. I went out at lunch to try and find leggings and wouldn't ya know it, Forever 21 was sold out. I was pretty surprised, but apparently I wasn't the only one thinking about grabbing a pair on the first real cold day. I had dinner plans with a friend after work and did not take into account that by the time I got home, that it would be much too cold  for stockings. Lesson learned; check my weather app before I leave the house.

The sweater was another "gotta wait for it to go on sale" items from Anthropologie. I really do love that store, and the sales clerks are starting to recognize my friends and I. I don't know if I should be embarrassed or happy. So what I generally do, is browse the website and dump a ton of stuff in my shopping cart and then I just check back about every other week to see if any of it has gone on sale. Once it does, I head off to the store in hopes that they have the same stock or anything left in my size. This sweater was one of my cart items and I had tried it on and really liked it. However, I decided to wait until pay day and that if it was still there, then I would pick it up. I pretty much ran in to the store and ran out again. I need to walk around in there with blinders or I'd get too distracted by all their "wonderful but can't afford it" clothing. This sweater was originally going for 118$ so I was glad when I got it for 50$

The skirt was a purchase I made at Forever 21 last winter. I wore it a few times but then the zipper broke. It had been sitting at the bottom of my hamper ever since. I decide that maybe I should just have it fixed and forked out the 7 bucks at the dry cleaners. I'm glad I did since it's a perfectly good skirt and very practical.

Bow print sweater: Anthropologie
Black skirt:Forever 21
Polka dot tights: Joe Fresh
Burgundy loafers: Call It Spring


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