Thursday, October 10, 2013

Black and White

I am a sucker for peter pan collars. I am instantly drawn to them and almost always end up buying a shirt or dress with one. This particular sweater has a removable collar, so I can just wear it as a normal pullover. The collar is probably going to stay on though. It's very thick and cozy, so I'm sure I will get a lot of use out it.

The pants are magic. Magic wonderful pants of awesomness. So like many of you out there, I do not have a washboard stomach. I have a belly,and while it's not huge or anything, it can be noticeable at times depending on what I am wearing (like pencil skirts). Even if you don't have a big tummy, I'm sure if you ate a big meal or something, you'd be a least a little bloated. My next issue is that I like skinny jeans. For some reason most skinny jeans are low rise, so this combined with the fact that I have a belly,  I will get the occasional muffin top or my gut hangs out over the waistband of my pants. Not a particularly attractive look. I have some jeans from Old Navy that are still quite thin legged and mid-rise, but it still wasn't as skinny as I would like.  I have thins thing about the cuffs of my pants pooling at my ankles. It drives me nuts.Then Old Navy decided to make the mid-rise Rockstar jeans. I bought a pair as soon as they were available online. See, their regular length pants are too short for me so I have to go tall, but they don't always carry them in store. I order stuff from the website all the time, and I always manage to get a good deal. The shipping is generally inexpensive and I always get my orders super fast.These pants are not only long enough, but they are high enough to keep my belly where it should be; under my pants, not over them. If there is anything negative about these pants, it's that they attract pet fur like you would not believe. So if you are a tad belly conscious, but like the look of skinny jeans, then these pants are a must.

Unrelated note: super freakin' excited about Pokemon on Saturday. A sad thing to admit, but I have been mulling over which starter to chose for a few weeks now. It sucks that I have school work to focus on, but this always happens. Great games start coming out Fall and into the holidays, right around exams. Thankfully I just have one course this semester,so I should have more then enough time to do both.

Peter pan collar sweater: Reitmans- 40$ (Buy it here)
Black skinny jeans: Old Navy- 25$ (on sale) (Buy it here)
Red shoes: Converse-35$ (Buy it here)


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  1. I have the same issues with trying to buy clothes that flatter my non-washboard tummy. Having been pregnant before, my stomach didn't bounce back as well as it does for other women. Love the Peter Pan collar!