Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flowers (also obligatory Halloween costume post)

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It's one of the few times you can dress up in a costume and nobody thinks it's odd. I usually take this as an opportunity to dress up as characters from video games, cartoons/anime. Some costumes from the past are: Leela from Futurama, Aeris from FF7, a White Mage, Link from the Legend of Zelda, etc.  This year is no different.

So we had an office potluck which was a nice change of pace. Some of my co-workers dressed up which was awesome. I apparently didn't  need a costume though, since someone on the elevator actually asked me if I was wearing this dress as part of a costume or not. I said "Nope. These are just my everyday clothes, thanks for asking." He promptly got off the elevator. I don't  think dress is particularly costume-y at all, so I'm not sure what prompted that comment, other than the brightness. He's lucky he didn't see my real costume...

                                                       BOOM! Sailor V is for victory.

So Sailor Venus has always been my favorite Sailor Scout since I was a kid and I always wanted to have a scout costume. The problem? I hate wigs. I especially hate blonde wigs. I always look so ridiculous in them because of my rather pronounced eyebrows, which have gotten better over the years mind you. A friend of mine found these sailor scout costumes over the summer for sale online for 8 bucks!!! She promptly sent out an e-mail to all the friends she knew would have wanted in on this. I didn't see it right away but by the time I did, all that was left was Venus and Mercury. WIGS!!!! *cringe* Anyways, I figured I would at least go with my favorite. All I had to really worry about was the shoes, the red hair bow (which you can't see but it's there) and the wig. The shoes were on sale at Payless and I just spray painted them orange. I'm happy with the end result and I'm looking forward to at least wearing it briefly tomorrow at a friends party. Wigs are hella hot.

So back to my real clothes. This dress is from Mod Cloth. I had been eyeing if for awhile and it eventually went on sale. I had it sitting in my basket for ages until the dreaded "1 left!" popped up. I caved and decided to get it. The fabric is a lot shinier than I thought it would be, but it's actually a nice change to a lot of the cotton dresses out there. The problem though, when I order clothes, is the sleeves. I generally need an XL from places like Mod Cloth because of my chest. Not a big deal,I'm used to that by now, but because of this I run the risk of other parts being too big. This dress is a bit loose in the waist but a belt fixed that. The sleeves on the other had, are just too big. I wore the cardigan to cover it up, which worked fine. I figure once I wash it (just in case it shrinks), I'll ask Dave to maybe fix it for me since he's better at sewing than I am.

On a final note, I am sad to say that my beloved PS3 crapped out on me last night while I was watching Futurama on Netflix. It was 7 years old and I will miss it dearly.

Flower dress: Mod Cloth
Red cardigan: Joe Fresh
Bow belt: Anthropologie
Black cable knit tights: Ardene
Blue shoes: Dolce Vita


Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I'm not sure who came up with the no white after Labor Day thing, but nuts to that.

So since it's Tuesday, it means I had class until 8pm. It makes for a long day, so Tuesday posts usually end up being a bit more casual than some of my other outfits. I do still try to look work appropriate though, since you never know who might show up unannounced. That being said, as soon as I get back home I take a photo or 2 and then hop into my pjs and watch something on Netflix. I just finished Happy Endings so now I need something new to watch.

So I do the sweater/button down combo fairly often this time of year, so looks similar to this will probably be a bit more frequent. Not too much though, since part of the reason I blog in the first place is to make sure I keep my clothing interesting and varied.

So this sweater was purchased as a sort of compromise. On one of my many shopping trips, I saw this sweater and instantly loved it. However, even it's sale price was way too expensive for me. I was determined to find a cheaper alternative.This sweater was the end result. They had it in blue as well, but it was sold out in my size so I went with white. It's very comfortable and is great for layering since it's not super thick. I am happy with it, and I'm even happier with the price, since I got it for about 40$. It should still be available online. I decided to pair it with a cat print button down shirt I got from Gap awhile back. I thought it would be cute to wear a cat shirt with a sweater that had, what could be interpreted as, a piece of yarn on it. Also, it happens to be National Cat Day which I had no idea existed until I was at work.  I was telling my friends that my cat, Waffles, had stolen my breakfast this morning. I was told that because it was National Cat Day, she pretty much had the right to steal it. You win this time Waffles. Anyways, Gap has a lot of cute printed button downs and if you're willing to wait a bit most of them will go on sale fairly quickly. Or at least provide you with a coupon code.

Rope sweater: Banana Republic
Cat print button down: Gap
Jeans: Forever 21
Blue suede shoes: Dolce Vita

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


As much as I enjoyed this outfit, I did not think ahead about wearing nylons around this time of year. It's not particularly cold or anything, but just cold enough that your legs start to freeze. I went out at lunch to try and find leggings and wouldn't ya know it, Forever 21 was sold out. I was pretty surprised, but apparently I wasn't the only one thinking about grabbing a pair on the first real cold day. I had dinner plans with a friend after work and did not take into account that by the time I got home, that it would be much too cold  for stockings. Lesson learned; check my weather app before I leave the house.

The sweater was another "gotta wait for it to go on sale" items from Anthropologie. I really do love that store, and the sales clerks are starting to recognize my friends and I. I don't know if I should be embarrassed or happy. So what I generally do, is browse the website and dump a ton of stuff in my shopping cart and then I just check back about every other week to see if any of it has gone on sale. Once it does, I head off to the store in hopes that they have the same stock or anything left in my size. This sweater was one of my cart items and I had tried it on and really liked it. However, I decided to wait until pay day and that if it was still there, then I would pick it up. I pretty much ran in to the store and ran out again. I need to walk around in there with blinders or I'd get too distracted by all their "wonderful but can't afford it" clothing. This sweater was originally going for 118$ so I was glad when I got it for 50$

The skirt was a purchase I made at Forever 21 last winter. I wore it a few times but then the zipper broke. It had been sitting at the bottom of my hamper ever since. I decide that maybe I should just have it fixed and forked out the 7 bucks at the dry cleaners. I'm glad I did since it's a perfectly good skirt and very practical.

Bow print sweater: Anthropologie
Black skirt:Forever 21
Polka dot tights: Joe Fresh
Burgundy loafers: Call It Spring


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wing tips

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving/Columbus day. Nothing like a 4 day work week. This is going to be a short post though since I got home a bit later than usual and I am pretty tired.

 So this is another work to school outfit. I haven't been feeling well over the past few days, and I know when I'm feeling pretty crappy, I think I look crappy too. This usually ends up in me putting in a bit of extra effort in my appearance, if only a little. At least it seems that way. All this really means is that I wore a slight heel today instead of flats. I've never been big into heels for many reasons. I mean the obvious is that they are hard to walk in. This can be fixed with a bit of practice. The other is after wearing them for awhile, the backs of my legs start to hurt. I'm sure if I'd  wear them more often, this wouldn't be a problem anymore.  I got these suckers as an anniversary gift earlier this year. I bought Dave War Hammer stuff, and he bought me shoes. This is why we're together :)These particular shoes are only a kitten heel so I feel like I'm wearing grown up shoes but without the risk of falling flat on my face.  You know that  clickity clack you hear when walking around in heels? There is something oddly satisfying about it. Like you have to get somewhere super important, or with more purpose than usual. Maybe it's just me. Wedges are the only other time I can wear a high heel since they're pretty solid, like walking on a big ol' rubber block.

The dress was an Old Navy purchase made at the end of last summer. I find orange a tough color to work with in regards to clothing. I've only worn this dress a handful of times because of it. I almost always pair it with navy blue so if anyone has some suggestions on what else I can pair it with, please let me know.

Orange dress: Old Navy
Blue polka dot cardigan: Forever 21
Blue bow belt: Anthropologie
Orange shoes: B.A.I.T Footwear


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Black and White

I am a sucker for peter pan collars. I am instantly drawn to them and almost always end up buying a shirt or dress with one. This particular sweater has a removable collar, so I can just wear it as a normal pullover. The collar is probably going to stay on though. It's very thick and cozy, so I'm sure I will get a lot of use out it.

The pants are magic. Magic wonderful pants of awesomness. So like many of you out there, I do not have a washboard stomach. I have a belly,and while it's not huge or anything, it can be noticeable at times depending on what I am wearing (like pencil skirts). Even if you don't have a big tummy, I'm sure if you ate a big meal or something, you'd be a least a little bloated. My next issue is that I like skinny jeans. For some reason most skinny jeans are low rise, so this combined with the fact that I have a belly,  I will get the occasional muffin top or my gut hangs out over the waistband of my pants. Not a particularly attractive look. I have some jeans from Old Navy that are still quite thin legged and mid-rise, but it still wasn't as skinny as I would like.  I have thins thing about the cuffs of my pants pooling at my ankles. It drives me nuts.Then Old Navy decided to make the mid-rise Rockstar jeans. I bought a pair as soon as they were available online. See, their regular length pants are too short for me so I have to go tall, but they don't always carry them in store. I order stuff from the website all the time, and I always manage to get a good deal. The shipping is generally inexpensive and I always get my orders super fast.These pants are not only long enough, but they are high enough to keep my belly where it should be; under my pants, not over them. If there is anything negative about these pants, it's that they attract pet fur like you would not believe. So if you are a tad belly conscious, but like the look of skinny jeans, then these pants are a must.

Unrelated note: super freakin' excited about Pokemon on Saturday. A sad thing to admit, but I have been mulling over which starter to chose for a few weeks now. It sucks that I have school work to focus on, but this always happens. Great games start coming out Fall and into the holidays, right around exams. Thankfully I just have one course this semester,so I should have more then enough time to do both.

Peter pan collar sweater: Reitmans- 40$ (Buy it here)
Black skinny jeans: Old Navy- 25$ (on sale) (Buy it here)
Red shoes: Converse-35$ (Buy it here)


Friday, October 4, 2013


Today was one of the first days it started to feel a bit like fall. There was just the right amount of nip in the air that I love. I don't want to say that I hate summer, but I'm one of those people who prefers that in-between weather, where it's not too hot and not too cold. Plus this time of year means everything is pumpkin and cinnamon flavored.

This past week was a bit overwhelming in terms of work and with the added stress of school assignments looming over me (stupid oral presentation) I am in need of a break. Fortunately, Thanksgiving is just around the corner which means a long weekend. Also I'm not going to lie, the anticipation of a new Pokemon game has me really excited. I played Red and Blue back when I was in high school and was instantly hooked. I owned a lot of Pokemon paraphernalia, t-shirts and the card set (including a foil Charizard) and even did a school presentation on it.  However, after Silver and Gold, I sort of lost interest in the games. It's not that I didn't play them, but the level of dedication to being the best Pokemon Master wasn't there anymore. I then played Black and White; it was like I was 15 years old again.  I even started creeping around my local EB games getting event Pokemon via their Wi-Fi. You know, when you don't want to look suspicious by wandering around their store, so you stand outside trying to get a signal; that just draws the attention of mall security. There's a heck of lot more Pokemon since I really played the game thoroughly. I can't wait for the jump to 3D.

So for the clothes, the skirt was a purchase last winter at Anthropologie when they were having a HUGE sale, so it was quite inexpensive. It's got some corduroy and some quilt patches, which makes up one of the pockets. My only concern was trying to pair it with a shirt. I got this sweater at Forever 21 about a month ago with this skirt in mind and thought it would work well. I like foxes, and I am instantly drawn to clothes with a print, so win/win. I'm pretty happy with the result of this pairing.

Patch skirt: Anthropologie-20$
Brown belt: Ardene-old
Fox sweater: Forever 21- 22$
Black tights: Joe Fresh-3$
Bronze shoes:Toms- old