Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Laser cuts

Another long day at work. It's hard to find clothing that transitions well into fall. I have packed away most of my summer clothing and have made way for all my button downs and sweaters. Fall is my favorite season, but it never really lasts. Right now, it's that odd in between part, where its freezing outside when you wake up, but by mid day it's super warm and you're sweating buckets.

This blouse is one of the tops I left out for the upcoming months. This was the other shirt I purchased awhile ago when a friend of mine had 40% off at Anthropologie.  It's got a laser cut print of flowers that's really pretty. It's quite subtle but it really makes this top pop. It's a smaller size than I would usually buy, which was an added bonus. Sometimes I don't get the sizing at Anthropologie. Sometimes I'm a 12, sometimes I'm a 6. Whatever, they make nice stuff and it goes on sale frequently if you're willing to wait.

I got the shoes on sale as well. They have poodles on them, so I was instantly drawn to them. I have some much clothing with animals on them. They fit kind of funny though. 7.5 was way to small but an 8 (which I got) was too big. I had to put insoles in them, which isn't a big deal. What's odd is that they hurt like a bitch when I wear socks. Generally it's the other way around for me. I've worn them before over the summer, but since it was cold this morning, I put on socks that aren't super thick or anything. By the time I got to work, my feet were on fire. Sockless though? All good. Oh well, the things people endure to try and look good.

On an unrelated but very personal note, this past Monday would have marked my moms passing 8 years ago. It's always a particularly hard day for me, so I usually do something that reminds me of her, or things we did together. She and I used to shop and have coffee in mall food courts all the time when she was still around. So I took the day off from work, and had Dave come with me to the mall while I just wandered around and thought about stuff. I didn't buy anything, or do much else to be honest, but it was all I needed, and I appreciate that he came with me.

Laser cut blouse: Anthropologie-30$ (Buy it here)
Jeans: Forever 21-7.80$
Poodle loafers: Seychelles-45$ (Buy it here) or (here)
Bow bracelet: Ardene-7.50$ (Buy it here) 


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