Tuesday, August 20, 2013


So it's wonderfully humid again. It's always odd seeing all the fall stuff come out when it's still 30c outside. Thankfully I have AC, so I just flop down in front of my TV for some PS3. School is starting back up again in the next couple of weeks, so I want to relax as much as I can before then. I'm only taking one course, but what with assignments and everything, there goes all of my free time again for the next little bit. I don't know how I managed to do a full course load and work when I first started university 10 years ago. Maybe it was youth...and coffee. Probably coffee.

Being a bit older while perusing an undergraduate degree does have it's challenges. I clearly can't take classes during the day because of work, which leaves very little choice. Doing group work is next to impossible; your only days off are weekends and generally most students work those days, as they are studying full time. Having your classmates complain about how being 20 is super old is equally frustrating. This can't be helped though. I'm pretty sure I said the exact same thing at that age. The jump from teens to 20's is a big one. Despite the slight annoyances though, I am glad I decided to go back. I finally have the focus and dedication that was lacking years ago. I'm in a program I enjoy (so far) and there is something comforting to know that I'm just doing it for me, rather than trying to find a job after I'm done.

So for the clothes, this dress is super comfy, and stretchy. Anything with some spandex in it used to make me nervous. I figured it would cling to all my lumps and bumps. I clearly was wearing the wrong sizes when it came to stretchy stuff; lesson learned. This can all be for naught though, if you're wearing a crappy bra that's way to small. You end up getting those weird back lumps, or as I call them: back boobs.

Now for the hair, as I have mentioned many times, I'm always trying out different things to make it look less crappy. In this instance, I tried sock curls. So I'm sure you already know about this, but for those who don't, I would suggest you watch this video. You pretty much go to sleep with sock in your hair rather than curlers. My hair is already curly, but when I try to get bigger curls with some volume, they never really stay. By the end of the day, it sort of just goes back to it being flat, especially at the ends. Now even though socks are softer than some curlers, it's really not super comfortable to sleep on; I feel like I need to point that out. I kept waking up because when I tried to sleep on my sides, my ears would hurt. However, if you're willing to endure that, the results are pretty good. I took this photo after being out and about all day with work and whatnot and the curls still lasted. If you want curly hair, or want a different kind of curl if it's already curly, then I would give it a shot. All it takes is a couple pairs of socks.

Blue and white stripe dress: Old Navy-25$ (Buy it here)
White belt: Old Navy-12$
Blue flats: Toms-Gift


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