Monday, August 12, 2013


After much gaming, I decided that Tales of Xillia will be my go to for the rest of the summer. Such important decisions, I know. I managed to play a lot over the last few days, and so far I'm really enjoying it. If you have a PS3 and are in to rpgs, it's worth a shot for sure. A bit of history: when I was a little kid, I hated video games. My brother would never let me touch his SNES and when he did, it would be to destroy me at Street Fighter or Killer Instinct.  I'd sneak in to his room to practice when he wasn't around, but it wouldn't matter. On the rare occasion that I did win, he'd say I cheated and would turn the console off. Ahhh, memories. This went on for awhile until the PS1 came out with Final Fantasy 7. I was 14 when that game was released. That game was a huge part of my teens, as it helped through some particular rough patches that most kids encounter at that age. Who doesn't want to feel like they can save the world? That is a game that I can always go back and play no matter what. I know I'm not the only one who has a soft spot for a particular game or series. Final Fantasy has been my go to series for almost 16 years. Also, I am finally able to beat my brother at Street Fighter. I did it a few years back when Street Fighter 4 came out. I loved every minute of it.

On to the clothes. The dress is one of my few Mod Cloth orders. In a perfect world I would shop there all the time. However, it's a tad pricey with the shipping and fees, so I have to be really sure about what I'm ordering. I generally get my orders very fast although this last one still hasn't arrived and it was shipped mid July. I was a little concerned once I got this dress because of the length, but I think it's alright in the end. Besides, shipping it back and  refunds are always a hassle. I really liked the balloon pattern and because of all the colors, it's fairly easy to match with other articles of clothing. Bonus: pockets! Why don't more dresses have pockets?

Balloon dress: Mod Cloth-74.99$ (Buy it Here)
Pink Cardigan: Anthropologie-59.99$
White belt: Old Navy-12.00$ (Buy it here)
Blue flats: Toms-Gift


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