Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I had worn this dress in a previous post, but I thought I'd give it another go since the top half of it was sort of covered in the last one. As you can see, it's got some chevron going on on top. I never really used to wear yellow, other than a mustard cardigan I practically lived in. It recently fell apart after it got snagged quite badly in the dryer. Needless to say, I was super pissed. Anyways, I decided to try yellows out in different shades. It's an easy way to feel summery.

The shoes are a slightly different shade from the dress and are pointy. You can't really tell because my dogs butt is covering them. She sometimes refuses to move for these photos, but it's the only part of my apartment with AC, so I can't say I blame her.

Now on to the hair. So as I had mentioned before, I have incredibly weak, thin and brittle hair. I have lost a lot of it over the years, in part to my carelessness, but also because I suffer from female pattern baldness. First off, I didn't realize that was a thing that women had to deal with, but my dermatologist set me straight on that one. Anyways, because of this, it's sort of hard to style my hair. Anything that requires back combing isn't really the best choice. I mean I do it once in awhile, but I'm always looking for alternatives. What I found works quite well for a bit of a bouffant, is this little foam pad with Velcro around it.I got it at H&M for a couple of bucks and kind of looks like a falsie.  I must have been living under a rock or something because I'm sure this has been around for quite some time. It's amazing and works quite well with thin hair. I managed to cover the entire thing with my hair, although it did take a few tries. I've had the some problems with the sock bun/hair donuts, where it doesn't quite cover them completely. So point being, if you have thin hair and/or don't want to back comb, this little doodad will do the trick for a bump.

Yellow and white dress: Jacob-39.96$ (Buy it here)
White belt: Old Navy-12.00$ (Buy it here)
Yellow shoes: Ardene-14.50$ (Buy it here)


Monday, July 22, 2013


Another day, another outfit. I wore this shirt a lot last summer, but for most of this year it's just been sitting in the back of my closet. I'm not sure why, because it's one of my favorites. It's covered in tiny white bicycles, which I know is hard to see in this photo. I am really trying to pair some of my older clothes with some of my newer purchases. I have a rule that if I buy something new, something old has got to go. If I didn't, my closet would have exploded by now. I'm also trying not to purchase anything new (with the exception of a dress to wear to a fancy wedding) until school starts up again in the fall.

The skirt is from Banana Republic. I've worn it a few times and have gotten many compliments on it. At one point I was out at lunch eating a falafel when one of the buttons flew off. That was not a proud moment, but I had a sewing kit at my desk for exactly these types of situations. The buttons on this skirt are pretty flimsy so I needed to sew them on even better. I keep telling myself that the button didn't fly off because I had a food baby but because it was literally dangling by a thread. Yes...let's go with that.

All in all, this is an outfit that is cool enough for the summer but can also transition well in to fall. It's comfortable and work appropriate. Subtle nerd factor here; I paired the shirt and skirt together as a shout out to my favorite Sailor Scout.Go Sailor V!

Blue and white bicycle top: Jacob -Old
Orange skirt: Banana Republic- 44.99$ (currently 30% coupon code) (Buy it here)
Blue flats: Ardene-14.50$ (Buy it here)


Sunday, July 14, 2013


Just another dress for a hot summer day. We had a couple of friends over for a little BBQ yesterday and this dress seemed to scream "Weekend!" I love nautical themed clothing although I don't do well with water. This dress makes me feel like I might be able to be on a boat and not freak out about it.

I was hesitant to buy this halter dress, but my friends insisted that I get it. I only have one convertible  bra I could wear with it, since going bra-less is not an option, and it's not very comfortable. I imagine most convertible undergarments are meant to be used as means of torture, regardless of what size you are. Sure enough after about half the day went by, it started to dig in the back of my neck. This is obviously not an issue with the dress, but I'm thinking about converting the neck tie bits into actual straps so I can wear it a bit more comfortably. I would be able to wear it at work that way too. My office is pretty lax when it comes to dress codes (people have shown up in pjs) but I'm not sure a halter dress without some kind of cover up is acceptable. Anyways, point being: great dress, crappy bra. The sun glasses are the ones I mentioned in my previous post. I keep thinking about those damn Kate Spade sunglasses though. Curse you Winners!

Nautical halter dress: Anthropologie- 49.95$ (Buy it here)
White sunglasses: Steve Madden-14.99$
Red glitter shoes: Toms-39.99$ (Buy it here)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lemon and Mint

It's been a long week at work so in an attempt to cheer myself up, I thought I would wear something bright and summery. Yellow it is! It did help a bit and since I finish work early on Fridays during the summer, I decided to look for some new sunglasses. I have to wear glasses all the time, but I have never bothered to invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses. I lose them frequently, so I never want to spend more than 20$ on a pair. I hit up my local Winners (it's the Canadian TJ Maxx) and was on the hunt. I found a wonderful pair of purple Kate Spade sunglasses, but at 70$ I could not justify spending that much. I settled for a nice white and brown pair from Steve Madden for 15 bucks. I figured it would be more practical in terms of them matching outfits, as well as on my wallet.

I'm a big fan of Jacob as a clothing store. Over the past few years they have really started carrying a lot of nice things at affordable prices, or least affordable when they're on sale. The dress was originally 100$ which I thought was a bit much. It's now on sale for 40$. I'm a sucker for stripes, but I don't own much yellow, so I thought this would be a nice addition to my ever growing dress collection. It's made of a nice cotton and it's lined, so I don't have to worry about it being see-through. The length makes it work appropriate and I got a lot of compliments on it. A wise purchase if I do say so myself.

Yellow and white dress: Jacob- 39.96$ (Buy it here)
Mint and yellow VW cardigan: Anthropologie- 49.97$ (Buy it here)
Mint shoes: Bait Footwear- 70$ (Buy it here) or (here)


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Another hot day, another dress.  I'm trying to wear as many dresses as possible this month, since I have so many (around 20 or so.) There is a reason why in the last couple of years, I started going dress crazy. I was never really able to wear them when I was younger, simply because of the way things fit. Trying to get a dress to fit one part like my chest, meant the rest of it would be huge. Having it fit my waist perfectly and not being able to get the zipper past a certain point happened a lot as well. I spent many a time in changing rooms incredibly frustrated about this. Feeling defeated, I gave up and ended wearing a lot of pants, or when I felt fancy, a shirt/skirt combo. Going to something like a wedding or a Christmas party was the bane of my existence. After a really long time I decided maybe I would try again. I must have been looking in the wrong place or trying on the wrong kind of styles, because since then I have found so many dresses that not only fit, but fit WELL. Some will still look terrible, or won't zip up but I'm glad that I decided to give it another shot.

This particular dress is super comfortable and has got a bit of a stretch to it. The back has a bit of a cut out, so I paired it with a very thin cardigan to still keep cool while I was at work. This dress is a tad short but I tried it with leggings as well and it worked fine, and I didn't overheat in this 30c+ weather. It's very similar to one that was available on Mod Cloth (here) which is no longer available. I'm not sure how much it was going for but I manged to find this dress( which I'm pretty sure is made of the same fabric because the print looks exactly the same) for a decent price. I can't say no to a print :)

Pineapple Dress: Twik-38$
Cream Cardigan: Joe Fresh- (old) 5$ on sale
Green Flats: Wal-Mart- 12$