Monday, June 10, 2013

Blue Monday

Another work day outfit.  If you had told the teenage me that I would have a closet full of skirts and dresses, I probably would have laughed at you. Something happened over the years that caused my clothing choices to veer towards super girly. I'm not complaining or anything, just noticing how sometimes things can drastically change while some things don't. Like my love of Sailor Moon; that's been going on for at least 15 years now and teenage me would be super pissed if I ever let that go.

This skirt was something I was scouting at Anthropologie for awhile now. I really wanted it, but wasn't willing to pay the 148$ is was originally going for. So I just went down to 79.99$; still too much I figured. I have gotten things there for 10 bucks before, so I just needed to figure how long I was willing to wait before they ran out of my size. By the time it got down to 39.99$ with only one size 8 left I decided that would be my chance. Since I had already tried it on previously, I ran in and out super fast. I'm glad I bought it when I did, because while it's even cheaper now (19.99$) I still paid a price I was comfortable with and got my size. Good things come to those who wait...and who are cheap.

Light blue lace t-shirt: Joe Fresh 14.00$
Blue and white bird skirt: Anthropologie 39.99$
Blue ballet flats: Toms  Free! (A friend gave them to me when they didn't fit.)
Gold bow bracelet: Ardene 7.50$ (Buy it here)


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