Friday, May 30, 2014


Ugggghhhhhhh...what a long week. I have to admit that blogging hasn't been much of a priority, what with school and work. I had a paper outline due at the beginning of the week and I was the only one in my department for the week with a deadline looming over me. I feel bad that I wasn't able to do more, only because I didn't want my coworker/buddy to come back to pure chaos come Monday. I did the best that I could though, and only had one major freak out. I think I mentioned this before, but I have a big problem with anxiety. I used to get panic attacks fairly regularly but over the past few years, with therapy and hard work,  I was able to manage it much better. That doesn't mean they don't still happen though. When they do happen, I sort of feel like all that hard work was for nothing, which in turn makes the anxiety attacks worse. Anyways, the point is, that considering the situation I was in, I count myself lucky that I only had one. Small victories right?

So after a mostly blah week weather wise, today was pretty nice out, so I wanted to summer it up a little. The skirt and shoes are from ModCloth. I have never ordered shoes from them before. Mostly because shoes jack up the shipping price significantly, but also because they carry so many brands, it makes it sort of hard to figure what might work size wise. The shoes are a tad big, but I think sizing down would have been a mistake. I managed to wear them all day and so far, no blisters. I had wanted a pair of mustard heels for awhile and I had a coupon code, so I figured why not. They weren't as mustard yellow as I though they would be but all in all, I'm quite pleased with them.

The skirt was from the same order. Oddly enough, I wasn't planning on pairing them together but when I was getting ready for work this morning, it just sort of made sense. I got a lot of compliments about the skirt from all the ladies in my office. It's great for summer and is an appropriate length. It does manage to catch a lot of wind though, which caused me to have to hold it down several times so I wouldn't flash people. I didn't think this would be a problem since it's much longer than some of the other skirts I own but you can't stop the wind. I imagine that this will get a lot of wear this summer.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Tomorrow will just be a relaxing day, maybe get some errands done, maybe have a Veronica Mars marathon, who knows.

Top: Forever 21
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes and Skirt: ModCloth


Sunday, May 11, 2014


I very rarely post stuff on the weekends. Mostly because I wear pjs or jeans and a t-shirt, which I figure isn't worth the effort of setting up the camera. However, the last few days have been really nice and sunny outside. I was finally able to not wear tights with my dresses and I really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to get some sun. I'm very careful about sun exposure since I have a tendency to burn (also I'm not going to lie, I don't want skin cancer) but when I can, I try to get at least a bit of color so I don't look like a ghost.

I realize that I haven't posted in the last little bit and I touched on that in my last entry. I just started my summer class so I'm not sure I'll have much time to right now either. However, I still hope to get in at least a post a week. Another reason for my lack of posting: I got my PS3 repaired! It cost around 70$ but it was worth it. I know new ones are not that expensive right now but; 1. I forgot to back up all my save data and 2. I have a launch console that's backwards compatible so I have like 15 years worth of game saves on it. When it first broke I will admit, I cried like a baby. Since I had the power supply fixed, I went and downloaded Child of Light. It's adorable since it's told in rhymes, but whats most important is that the game play is excellent.  It's much like Grandia for the battle system, which if you've never played a Grandia game, you need to get on that right away.  It was one of my favorite PS1 RPGs, right up there with Suikoden 2 and Final Fantasy 7. Anyways, it's a really good game so far, it's on multiple platforms and at around 15$, there's no excuse not give Child of Light a shot.

So on to the clothes. Last year, I had gone down to the states with some friends, saw this Jessica Simpson dress at TJ Maxx and I fell in love. They didn't have it in my size, so I sort of forgot about it. Then a few months back, it and other Jessica Simpson seersucker dresses, kept popping up on a lot of style blogs that I read. I decided to start scouring eBay for it, but since it was at least a year old, I wasn't sure I would find it, or at least not in my size. Well the eBay gods were kind to me that day and I found it for around 30$ which was great. Much like a couple of other of my Jessica Simpson dresses, a size 12 is still a little snug in the chest, but it fits fine everywhere else that sizing up wouldn't be worth it. I can breath comfortably and I can sit in it, so works for me.

The shoes are Keds I bought last summer and are super comfortable. This photo made me realize that I really need to vacuum.

Dress: Jessica Simpson via eBay
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shoes: Keds


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

White Stripes

Hello everyone, I'm not dead, just busy. It's been almost a month since my last post and I'm pretty sure I was all "I'm going to post more often now" in the last one...whoops.

Anyways, I'm hoping things will have died down for May since April was pretty much a write off. Work was hectic and I experienced a few personal matters during that time that I won't bore you with, but I feel like I might have a second wind. School starts again for me next week, so I'm sort of looking forward to that. The summer session is a perfect time to take courses. The semester is shorter so that's good, but because of that, it might be a bit hectic. It finishes in June though so I will still get to enjoy at least part of my summer.

Speaking of warmer weather, it really doesn't even feel like spring yet. Canada doesn't get a real spring, ya know? Where it's like 17 degrees out, and sort of sunny, and you can get away with being outside with no jacket on at lunch time. No...we don't have that. We have Winter 2, where it's still freezing outside and going out bare legged is just asking for trouble. Yes, I realize that this is a stereotype, but it's the truth.

I wanted to maybe feel a bit more springy by wearing white. This effect is totally lost when you're wearing a super dark cardigan and black tights though. The dress is very comfortable and it's got pockets. Even though it's lined, it's still quite see-through. This isn't an issue now since, you know, tights, but come that 3 month period when we have a summer, this might be a bit of an issue. I hate slips with a passion but I think I might have to wear one with this dress. floor is really scratched. I really do need to find a better space to take these photos. I've always thought about taking them outside but I feel kind of odd doing it, especially since I'm on my own with a tripod. How do you get past that initial felling of people watching you?  Does it ever really go away?

White Dress: Gap
Blue polka dot cardigan: Forever 21
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Stripe shoes: Payless


Monday, March 31, 2014

Stripes and Bikes

Today sort of almost felt like it could maybe be spring sometime soon. There's a certain amount of slush that's making me optimistic. Much like everywhere else, we keep getting a healthy dumping of snow every other day that I'm just about done with. Today gave me hope though. I wore just a pair of tights and I didn't freeze, and I wore sun glasses. SUN GLASSES!  About friggin time.

It is still March though, so layers are a practical and logical thing to wear. I'm getting antsy though. I have so many dresses I really want to wear but they're all so springy I feel sort of out of place wearing them just yet.

I've worn most of these pieces before but never together. I felt like this would have been a pretty good Saint Patricks day outfit as well. Clearly others felt the same way, since I got this as a comment from a friend; "That's a lot of green and it's nice, but it's so 2 weeks ago." Well, you got me there.

I got another pair of wedges from Payless, this time for 10 bucks! Works for me, since they're super comfortable. Plus, grey pretty much works with everything. Too bad my tights are covered in fur, or pet glitter, from my beloved fur babies. I was already having a difficult time trying to get photos since the lighting was a bit off, but the two of them just weren't having it and kept getting antsy and in my shots, so I decided to take photos of them for a change.

You try saying no to these two. Tengen has since collapsed next to me while I write, while Waffles is still clawing at the window to get at the birds. It really is Spring.

Green bike print shirt: Gap
Black V neck sweater: Mexx
Green stripe skirt: Gap
Black tights: Target
Grey wedges: Payless


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stripes and Dots 2.0

I realize I didn't post anything for St-Patrick's day, but when I got home, I noticed the battery on the camera was dead. I know this might come as a  shock but I wore green!  I'd like to think not in a way that was over kill or tacky though. Since it was another holiday, the social committee at work threw another shindig full of snacks. A friend and I decided that since it was probably going to be all sugar, we'd provide something salty. I just brought Triscuts and cheese, since I sort of forgot to prepare anything in advance. Brie: the life saver of parties. Anyways, I had grabbed a bunch of left over cake and brought it home for Dave.I was a genius and left the plastic container on the coffee table instead of putting it away after  he and I had a slice, right at Tengen's mouth level.  So the next day, she had managed to scarf down chocolate and vanilla cake in the 15 minutes where Dave left for school and I came home from work.  There was a slightly chewed up container on the floor and crumbs all over the carpet. Her breath still smelled like cake. I know she's a smart dog but I honestly didn't think she would go for the plastic container. She had a bit of an upset stomach, which resulted in her puking on our bed at 12 am, but otherwise she is fine, which is all that matters.

So keeping in mind that I didn't post anything green on Monday, I figured I would do it today. The dress is actually mint and blue, which I absolutely love as a color combination. I would have never thought of putting it together though. I remember my mom always telling me: "Blue and green should not be seen, unless it's in the washing machine." I'm not really sure where that came from, but it's one of those things that always stuck with me.

This cardigan is getting a butt load of use, let me tell you. One of the best and most practical purchases I've made in awhile. The belt was really first. Each time I wear it, it seems to get loose over the span of the day and just sort of just pops off. It's only got one belt peg rather than two, which I think is the problem. Sure enough, it popped open after I ate lunch, which seems to be a common theme with me and clothing. Least it didn't happen in front of a bunch of people like the last time.

I'm really glad I decided to splurge and buy these shoes last summer. I really like them and they're quite comfortable. I'll be honest though, I'm not quite sure how well they worked with this outfit. I think if I wasn't wearing tights, it wouldn't seem too bad. Maybe it's the strap from the shoes, or maybe it's just me. Ah well, they can't all be winners, right? I think I'm still in the process of learning what works and what doesn't. I have to say that it was only in the last, I think 5 years, that I really started getting into clothes. I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Blue polka dot cardigan: Forever 21
Blue and mint stripe dress: Gap
Blue bow belt: Anthropologie
Blue tights: Old
Mint shoes: Bait footwear


Friday, March 7, 2014


Happy Friday! I'm glad this week is finally over. No more overtime for awhile, which is awesome. I can finally stop getting up at 6 am. I think this post is going to be pretty short since I'm just exhausted.

I purchased this dress from Mod Cloth (on sale of course) about a month ago. I was hesitating getting it since all the reviews said it was really tight in the bust. I figured I'd get an XL since that's my usual go to size for non stretchy clothing. I know the sizing varies on Mod Cloth since they sell so many brands, so the user reviews do come in handy. In this case, they were right; it's tight in the chest, but not uncomfortably so. Throughout the day, it got more relaxed and didn't feel nearly as snug as it did when I first put it on. I got a lot of compliments about this dress too which is always reassuring.  I really liked the print, but I wasn't sure if maybe it was a bit too young for me. I think the longer length balances it out though. It's always a nice surprise when you come across a cute and fun dress but that also has some actual length to it as well. I know I've mentioned  before that I'm concerned with dress length since I hate flashing people.

The sweater is just a basic one from H&M I bought at the beginning of Fall when I realized I didn't have a full length black cardigan. It's really practical and I wear it fairly regularly. The shoes were purchased last summer, also on sale, for about 20 dollars. They were in my summer shoe box but I thought the colors matched quite nicely. I don't know why I haven't worn them in awhile since they aren't specifically a summer shoe or anything.

That's about it for now.Time for some more Supernatural! Have a good weekend everyone.

Deer dress: Mod Cloth
Black cardigan: H&M
Black tights: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: 1861


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Polka dots 3.0

My lord it's only Wednesday. Work has been hectic over the last few, well months really, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It gets super busy this time of year and so I just have to do one final big push without burning out in the process.

It was another meeting free day, so I wore my super comfy mid-rise jeans again, They really are awesome and incredibly comfortable. Plus, I find they do wonders for my legs. Since January I have been wearing my giant Sorel winter boots. These suckers are heavy, and I'm not talking about normal winter boot heavy, I'm talking like an extra 5 pounds a leg kind of heavy. I get winded just trying to go up a flight of stairs in them. Maybe that's just saying more about my overall health than the boot weight. Anyways,  I can honestly say, my legs are starting to look dare I say, almost cut. I had forgotten I had muscles under there. I always find that come the winter months I get super lazy with my exercise routine, and combined with my not so great blood pressure, I really should put more effort in to working out. I'm not saying walking around in these boots makes up for it, but it has become a source of extra activity during these colder months. Point being, my legs are getting toned. If anyone has some fun suggestions to stay fit during the winter months, I'd love to hear them. Gyms have never been my thing so I got an exercise bike, which I use but sometimes it just gets super boring.

Ah yes, another polka dot cardigan. I got it with a gift card I received for my birthday and was bought from Target. I also bought a few other things with the card, including socks. OOooOOoo so exciting I know, but I needed new fuzzy ones, so thank you Michelle! The sweater is covered with grey and orange dots so it's got a lot of potential. I'm looking forwards to pairing it with other outfits.  The top was a Mod Cloth purchase. It's a little big and  I probably could have gone down a size, but shipping back to them from Canada is really expensive. It's a very stretchy jersey type fabric, and is very soft. My issue with it is that the collar didn't lay super flat, even after I gave it a quick ironing. I would still recommend it though, since it's inexpensive, comfortable and a nice spring-y color.

Last but not least, I got new glasses... again. I had gotten some back in August and didn't get the 1 year protection plan. I usually do but I'm pretty good with my glasses, so I didn't bother this time around. Well, one of the lenses got really, really scratched. I was pretty upset since I spent almost 300 bucks on them. Dave went for an eye exam recently, so he decided to buy his glasses online. I had never even considered it since I though you needed to be measured for them and everything. He was pleased with his purchases and considering the price of them online, I decided to give it a shot myself. I'm quite happy with the results. With shipping I paid a whopping 45$ for a pair of prescription glasses. I am never going to buy glasses in store again, I can tell you that much. I still use my other pair, since I really liked them but mostly as back ups.  Also, I  don't like taking close ups of myself, I never know where to look.

Polka dot cardigan: Target (Buy it here)
Mint top: Mod Cloth (Buy it here)
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Payless
Glasses: Zenni (Buy it here)